Tapılan ümumi test sayı : 79

___ way the spy behaved was very ___.
A) a, friend
B) ~, friendlier
C) the, friendly
D) the, friendish
E) a, friendsome
Why did Helen ___ the idea of becoming a pianist?
A) get in
B) give up
C) give in
D) take of
E) took of
The delegation will arrive ___ our headquarters ___ 10.30 sharp
A) at, at
B) to, at
C) in, on
D) at, on
E) to, at
The question is too difficult ___ without ___ consultations.
A) being settled, farther
B) to be settled, further
C) settled, some
D) settling, any
E) to setting, little
I’ve been thinking about it all night, but I’m no ___ to ___ a solution.
A) closer, find
B) close, finding
C) closer, finding
D) close, find
E) closing, finding
The exams __. It’s time we ___ down to work.
A) are coming, got
B) come, get
C) is coming, will get
D) will come, are getting
E) have come, are
If you ___ Dr. Smith earlier, you ___ ill now.
A) consult, will be
B) have consulted, won’t be
C) didn’t consult, can be
D) had consulted, wouldn’t be
E) would consulted, wouldn’t be
He ___ listen to ___ than talk himself.
A) must, other
B) had rather, the others
C) would better, the other
D) had better, anothers
E) would rather, others
On the whole there was less said than ___.
A) might have been expected
B) can expect
C) must to be expected
D) may be expected
E) must be expected
You _____ into details. Everything was absolutely clear.
A) needn’t have gone
B) might have gone
C) had not to go
D) don’t need go
E) haven’t to go
Choose the correct variant. – I was nervous during the travel. – … Hadn’t you ever travelled before?
A) Did you?
B) Were you?
C) Weren't you?
D) Didn't you?
E) Was you?
Choose the correct modal verb. They could buy their house only last year. They … get it before.
A) hadn’t been able to
B) will not be able to
C) could
D) had been able to
E) haven’t been able
Choose the correct sentences in the Passive Voice: 1. He will be spoken to after the lecture. 2. French has never been taught at our school. 3. The meal cooked yesterday was not fresh. 4. All the tickets for this film were sold.
A) 3,4
B) 1,2,4
C) 1,2,3
D) 2,3
E) 1,3
Choose the correct variant. The number of the students in the class … fifteen.
A) is
B) have
C) have been
D) were
E) are
Choose the correct variant. We must speak English, … .
A) neither must we
B) so must they
C) neither you must
D) they mustn't either
E) they must either
Choose the correct word. My glasses are dirty. Have you got a ______ I can clean them with?
A) paper
B) towel
C) rag
D) fabric
E) tissue
Choose the correct variant. One of … world’s most famous theatres … Royal Shakespeare’s Theatre is in Stratford-upon-Avon, next to … river Avon
A) the,-,the
B) -,the,-
C) the,a,-
D) the,-,-
E) the,the,the
Choose the correct tense form. It’s Sunday morning now. Sue’s dad _____ the car and her mum ____ Sunday lunch.
A) cleaning; preparing
B) cleans; prepares
C) is cleaning; preparing
D) is clean; is prepare
E) is cleaning; is preparing
Choose the correct word. Who’s your favourite…?
A) name
B) country
C) music
D) film star
E) sport
Choose the correct answer. In his free time he likes cycling.
A) So do I.
B) Neither do I.
C) Neither did I
D) So did I.
E) So am I.
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