SUITABILITY (Münasibət bildirən idiomlar)

feel at home
to feel comfortable, relaxed, at ease; özünü evindəki kimi hiss etmək;
rahat olmaq;
  • - Is your son still living in Italy?
  • - Yes, he feels very much at home there.
fit (sb) like a glove
to fit perfectly; əyninə biçilmək;
boyuna/ölçüsünə uyğun olmaq;
məc. əyninə qutu kimi oturmaq;
  • - How do these shoes feel?
  • - Lovely. They fit like a glove. I’m just not sure about the colour.
do the trick
to bring success in doing something;
have a desired result;
uğur gətirmək;
uğurlu/yaxşı olmaq (nəticə haqda);
  • - I’ve got a terrible headache. I’d better go home.
  • - Try this medicine. It’ll do the trick! You’ll be feeling as right as rain again in a couple of minutes.
fit/fill the bill
to be what is needed in a particular situation or for a particular purpose; münasib olmaq;
uyğun (yararlı) olmaq;
tələblərə cavab vermək;
  • - We’re looking for somebody to send to England.
  • - What about Mr. Anar? I think he’d fill the bill, wouldn’t he?
  • And Harcourt didn’t fit the bill either, though he was perfect for her sister .
tailor something to sb’s needs
to make or adopt sth for a particular purpose, a particular person, etc; bir şeyi tələblərə uygun düzüb-qoşmaq;
  • - My timetable is not suitable for me.
  • - Don’t worry. That’s no problem. We can tailor it to your needs.
out of place
in the wrong place or at the wrong time;
not suitable;
əlverişli/münasib olmayan vəziyyət;
biabırçı/ gülünc vəziyyət;
  • Everyone else was wearing fancy dress! I was the only one in a suit! I felt completely out of place.
It’s (for) you! (me, her, them, etc.)
used to say that sth belongs to or who it is intended for; Əsl sənin malındır!;
  • - Does this coat suit me?
  • -It’s you! Yes, it’s definitely you.
a square peg in a round hole
a person who doesn’t fit into a job or position;
someone who doesn’t belong where he is;
öz yerində olmayan adam;
müqəvvaya oxşayan/gülünc görünən adam;
  • I’m sorry for Clive. He just doesn’t fit in around here. He is a square peg in a round hole.
be in your element
doing what you are good at and enjoy; ürəyincə olan/zövq aldığın işi görmək, öz yerində olmaq;
  • My sister works in the kindergarten. She loves children, and she is in her element.
right up your street
(informal) very suitable for you because it is sth that you know a lot about or are interested in; bir kəs üçün əlverişli /münasib olan iş;
bir kəsin ürəyincə olan iş;
Thanks for this job. It is right up my street.
Bu işə görə çox sağ olun. Əsl mənlikdir.;