LIFE AND DEATH IDIOMS (Həyat və ölümlə bağlı işlənən idiomlar)

bored to death
(informal) to be extremely bored or frightened; darıxmaq;
cana doymaq;
  • He talked about his adventures the whole evening I was bored to death.
sick to death
to be bored to death;
so ill/sick that you may die;
əldən düşmək, bezmək, cana doymaq;
  • Please be quiet. I’m sick to death of your constant complaining.
  • He was sick to death of them all, and even a little bit of Sasha .
dice with death
to risk your life by doing sth that you know is dangerous; ölümlə çilingağaç oynamaq;
ölümlə üz-üzə gəlmək, həyatını təhlükəyə atmaq;
  • You should get the brakes fixed on you car. You’re dicing with death every time you go out on the road.
not be able to do sth save your life
(informal) to be completely unable to do sth; tənbəllikdən düşməninə "dayı" demək;
heç bir işə yaramamaq;
tamamilə heç bir iş bacarmamaq;
  • I can’t believe my eyes! You are working! It must be a joke! You can’t work to save your life, can you?
life and soul of the party
the liveliest, most attractive person at a gathering of friends;
the one to whom most people pay attention;
diqqət mərkəzində olan;
başqalarından fərqlənən;
həyat eşqi ilə dolu olan;
  • My brother-in-low is normally quite quiet but when he has a couple of drinks he is the life and soul of the party.
frighten the life out of someone
to make sb suddenly feel afraid; bir kəsi qorxutmaq/hürkütmək;
qorxudan ödü ağzından gəlmək;
ürəyini qoparmaq;
  • - Hello? Who’s there? Is anyone there?
  • - Oh, it’s you, Jack. You frightened the life out of me.
make sb’s life a misery
to behave in a way that makes sb else feel very unhappy; bir kəsin həyatını cəhənnəmə çevirmək;
  • I think my boss doesn’t like me. She makes my life a misery.
the kiss of death
(informal, especially humorous) an event that seems good, but is certain to make sth else fail; təhlükəli/riskli məsələ;
  • I don’t think it’s a good idea to go there at this very moment. That’s the kiss of death.
be at death’s door
(often humorous) very near death;
ölüm ayağında olmaq;
ağır vəziyyətdə olmaq;
bir ayağı qəbirdə olmaq;
  • I hear his father is out of hospital. He was at death’s door only last month, he’s made a remarkable recovery.
a bit of a gamble
to take a risk with sth, hoping that you will be successful; riskli/təhlükəli/qumar oyunu kimi bir iş;
sonu nə cür olacağı bilinməyən iş;
  • - My brother is a lawyer and works self-employed.
  • - Well, good luck! Working for yourself can be a bit of a gamble.
play your cards right
to use abilities and opportunities so as to be successful;
act cleverly;
make the best use of your place or skills;
imkanlarından məharətlə istifadə etmək;
  • - I’ve got a job at this office.
  • - Congratulations. They’re a good company to work for. Play your cards right, then you’ll do very well there.
  • Tom Fennell had said that if she played her cards well with Roger it might easily lead to something .
when the chips are down
said when a situation has reached its most critical or worst point; həlledici an gəldikdə/ çatdıqda;
dar macalda;
  • - I think the company is having a bad year, from what I’ve heard.
  • - Well, we’ll just have to work that bit harder. We usually do when the chips are down.
put money on sth/sb
to bet that a particular horse, dog, etc. will win a race;
to feel very sure that sth is true or that sb will succeed;
bir şeyə/kəsə pul qoymaq;
sərmayə yatırmaq;
mərc gəlmək;
  • - The weather looks fine. I’d like to take the children on a picnic. I promised them one of these days.
  • - I wouldn’t put money on it if I were you! You know what it can be like at this time of year.
the luck of the draw
the fact that chance decides sth, in a way that you cannot control; taleyin qisməti;
  • - Why do you think I’ve been chosen to lead this course?
  • - Don’t ask me! It’s just the luck of the draw.
show your hand/cards
to make your plans or intentions known; öz planını/məqsədini bəlli etmək;
kartını açmaq;
  • When you start negotiating, let the other person make the first offer. Never show your hand too early.
bluff your way in/out through sth
to succeed in dealing with a difficult situation by making other people believe sth which is not true; vəziyyətdən çıxmaq;
sudan quru çıxmaq;
  • - If you want my opinion, I’ll have to change your attitude. Get to work 5 minutes early, not 5 minutes late. Do you realize your job’s at stake.
  • - Don’t worry. I can look after myself. I can always bluff my way out of trouble.
take your chances
to take a risk or to use the opportunities that you have and hope that things will happen in the way that you like; özünü real həyatda sınaqdan çıxarmaq, bəxtini sınamaq;
  • My parents advised me to continue my study. But I decided to take my chances in the real world.
a toss-up
(for sth) (informal) to throw a coin in the air in order to decide sth, especially by guessing which side, is facing upwards when it lands;
a situation in which either of two choices, results, etc. is equally possible;
püşk/cöp atma;
seçim arasında qalma;
bığla saqqal arasında qalma;
  • We can’t decide to spend our weekend in the country or to go abroad. It’s a toss-up between the country and abroad.
hit the jackpot
make or win a lot of money quickly or unexpectedly; çoxlu pul qazanmaq;
cekpotu udmaq;
  • I’ve passed my exam, got the travel grand, and been offered a fantastic job for when I get back. I guess I’ve hit the jackpot.
be in a rut
stick in an unchanging;
boring job, marriage, or other situation in life;
yerində addımlamaq;
qabağa getməmək;
  • I have been doing the same job for 15 years. I think I’m in a rut. I need a change.
  • "Why is Mary so sad?" her brother Joe asked. "She feels that she is in a rut", Mary’s husband replied.
go separate ways
to end a relationship with sb;
to go in a different direction from sb you have been travelling with;
ayrılmaq, əlaqələrə son qoymaq;
vidalaşıb/görüşüb ayrılmaq;
öz yolu ilə getmək;
  • Our partnership didn’t last. In the end we agreed to go our separate ways.
on the road to recovery
going from one condition to another;
sağalmağa başlamaq;
məc. kəfəni yırtmaq;
  • I’m feeling much better now. I’m well on the road to recovery.
  • My sister was sick for several weeks, but now she is on the road to recovery.
(no) turning back
to return the way you have come is impossible; geriyə yol yoxdur;
  • You’ve made your decision, you realise there’s no turning back, don’t you?
follow in sb’s footsteps
to follow someone’s example;
follow someone exactly;
bir kəsin yolunu davam etdirmək;
kiminsə davamçısı olmaq;
  • His father’s a doctor and it’s obvious Harry’s going to follow in his father’s footsteps.
be at a crossroads
at an important point in sb’s life or development; yolayrıcında qalmaq;
həlledici anda/ məqamda olmaq;
  • I can’t make up my mind. It’s either stay where I am or apply for a job abroad. I seem to be at a crossroads in my present job.
sb has arrived
(informal) somebody has become successful; xoşbəxt/bəxtli/bəxtəvər olmaq;
bəxti gətirmək;
  • Now he’s been given a new company car, he thinks he’s really arrived.
go off the rails
to start behaving in a strange or unacceptable manner, for example drinking or taking drugs;
to lose control and stop functioning cor­rectly;
xoşagəlməz hərəkətlər etməyə başlamaq;
hər şeydən əl çəkmək;
cızığından çıxmaq;
relsdən çıxmaq;
  • His wife died last year. I’m afraid he just hasn’t come to terms with yet. And now he’s started drinking. I’m afraid he’s just gone right off the rails.
not know whether you’re coming or going
to be so excited or confused that you cannot behave or think in a sensible way; yerin altında, yoxsa üstündə olduğunu hiss etməmək;
çaş-baş qalmaq;
  • I’ve got so much work on my desk. I’m really confused. I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.